The power of “No Habits”

Habits are bad especially for an entrepreneur! Before you start calling me names, hear me out. Habits are so powerful that they overwhelm our capacity to make choices & thereby restrict our lives to limiting possibilities. As we know habits are routine behaviours that are repeated regularly and most often tends to occur subconsciously. So now coming to my stand- do you think that – It is good for an entrepreneur to have routine, repeated behaviour(predictable)? And also doing something subconsciously (with no mindfulness) every time it is performed?

Habits are “ok” if the activity involves only motor skills- that too not always. But for an entrepreneur HABITS limit one’s ability to think beyond what is deemed necessary & thereby restricts one’s potential to perform exponentially. Habits bring ease & automation to life where the entrepreneur does not have to think about it as he very well knows the result & the reward. Consider a scenario where your mind had choices -you would contemplate on the alternatives & select the best but when you already have a routine predictable behaviour there is no scope for better results or rewards.

Habits make a person form a pattern & this pattern acts as a defence mechanism & provides a comfort. The level of exposure & the awareness (internal & external) directly contributes to the formation or the change of a habit/pattern. If an entrepreneur’s motto is self-preservation & survival, he will not want to change his patterns, habits & behaviour. On the other hand, if an entrepreneur is ready to experiment, learn & succeed or even fail he sure will relearn, refocus, remodel & reprocess his patterns & habits. If an entrepreneur wants a safe playing ground habits are welcome, but he will have to accept and live with its limitations in his life (professional & personal) in many ways.

If an entrepreneur is seeking evolution or revolution in his work, he needs to break patterns/habits. He needs to be mindful to all the happenings consciously on a minute to minute basis to come up with the best. If one does not have a habit or a pattern it gives him immense power to choose & decide the present & future course of action. Renewal is the principle that will help in the upward spiral for growth & change.

Does this mean that entrepreneurs should not have habits? That is not what this article aims to say, simply put have traits that will make you better, bigger & richer. For example, reading & updating oneself is seen as one of the successful habits of an entrepreneur. Read books but don’t stick on to the habit of reading just business books & magazines; go beyond your pattern & read about anything & everything under the sun to widen your perspective. The takeaway from the new pattern might help you better your abilities, skills & knowledge.

Remember what Warren Buffett said, “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” Let an entrepreneur not chain himself to habits & fall prey to its limitations but raise above it & shine.

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