Do you no⊥ice something difℲererent? We are looking for you.

Research Interns- Graduates

Are you born with an entrepreneurial spirit or Do you learn to equip yourself with an entrepreneurial zeal? What do you think drives an entrepreneur? Explore the psyche of an entrepreneur by getting into the risk takers’ shoes & deriving at answers that would make a difference to the entrepreneurial eco-system.

Research Interns- Post Graduates

A Summer Internship or a Major Project Internship at FounderPassion Foundation will equip the postgraduate students’ in the area of an enterprise’s production, design, marketing, finance, supply chain, marketing & HR. We will guide you in building models, processes & procedures that can make a significant difference for organisations’.

Research Scholars- Doctoral

If you are passionate about doing a doctoral thesis in entrepreneurship and deriving at new concepts, theories, practices & methods the team at FounderPassion Foundation is ever ready to mentor & guide you in your pursuit for entrepreneurial knowledge & wisdom by combining academia, industry & enterprise.