Design Hackathon

Challenge for Innovators, Are you One?
Greeting from FounderPassion Foundation!

Design Hackathon 2019 -an inter school 2-day contest is to be conducted among School students from Coimbatore. Schools will be competing for the coveted “ROLLING TROPHY” that embodies CREATIVITY, INNOVATION & KNOWLEDGE among young minds.
About Design Hackathon
The Design Hackathon is a structured time-bound thinking exercise for solving real-life challenges by co-creating innovative solutions with a single aim to solve the problem in hand. Mentors from Design, Business, Technologies and diverse spectrum will nurture the hackers from ideation to prototype.
The Design Hackathon is a hands-on solution-based development model that encourages inquiry-based learning on design thinking that is ideal for the 21st century learner. Inspired minds utilise their problem-solving skills and expertise in finding solutions for challenges and thereby learn about different domains.

If you believe that your school students can provide ideas & solutions in solving HOUSEHOLD PROBLEMS that affect ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY here is your chance to showcase your knowledge & skill to the world.