AgInvest 2020

150+ AgStart-Up’s | 50+ Investors
Greeting from FounderPassion Foundation!

Agriculture sector has 50% population dependent on it with an ever growing market that requires massive need for Innovation & Up-gradation. India’s agricultural exports account for about USD40 billion, which is 12-13% of India’s total exports. The industry has more challenges than any other industry and thus provides us with more opportunities to explore & innovate.


About AgInvest
We at FounderPassion Foundation are organizing an “Ag-Invest”, a national level pitch session for the Agriculture Start-Up’s. Our focus is to identify, nurture the most innovative Start-Up’s in the Agriculture space. Our Investment focus will be at three different stages Early/Seed Stage, Seed, Angel and Venture Capital Investments. We are also focusing on Idea/Early MVP stage Start-Up’s who are looking for grants. We are inviting Start-Up’s across the country and so do our investors.
The few focus areas we are exploring are:
– Food Supply chain
– Nutritious System
– Preservation & Storage Technology
– Farm to Market
– Residue Management & Responsible use of Antibiotics
– Agri-Biotech
– Precision Agriculture
– Agri-FinTech
– Post harvest Technology
– Water Tech
– Predictive Agriculture
– Agri-Tech: IOT, AI, Automation, Robotics, Drones, Decision Support Systems, ICT
– Plant Production/Protection
– Animal Husbandry
– Crop Protection, Sustainability & Food Quality
– Sustainable feed
– Responsible use of antibiotics
– Meat grading and quality
– On farm sensor technology and remote sensing
– Soil health/Tech
– Waste reduction
– Land utilisation
Agriculture ecosystem had to disrupt and shift strategies to maintain competitiveness and relevancy. The farm-to-table dynamic continues to alter how companies across the value chain are defining customers and going to market, resulting in new business models and revenue streams.
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Date: 29-02-2020
Venue: FounderPassion Foundation, Coimbatore