GOOD is not enough

What’s the opposite of a good idea? Did I hear the answer as “bad idea?”.  Not necessarily! Why can’t the opposite of a good idea be “a great idea”. Why should always the negative side of the spectrum be seen in every case, why not view it in the positive extreme?

When a Founder of a Start Up comes with a good idea say, from a particular industry, what do the existing Start Up’s & the one’s entering the industry aim for? A bad idea? Definitely NOT, right? There is an unspoken CHALLENGE hanging in the air as the bar set has become high. The other Start Ups’ aim for better & greater ideas than that is prevailing in the industry.

Motivation & Belief that they can also do better is formed in the minds of the founders. They would drive themselves & their team to come up with better ideas than they already have.

Idea Generation & Vision are much clearer when there is a healthy competition & Founders compete with one another to make their ideas better than the rest. It is far easier for Founders to work with a purpose, focus & clarity.

Founders’ have a sense of duty & Commitment to come up with better ideas that translate into valuable products & services to the consumers.

HyperPure was an idea that Zomato came up in 2018 that was designed as an additional feature in the technology driven platform of the Zomato app to add value. This feature assures customers the quality standards about their food and how it is made. The HyperPure makes it possible to fully trace information about the high-quality ingredients. Swiggy is working on better ideas that would make their service value to go up in the eyes of the consumers. So, is it safe to say in the Start Up parlance that when someone does good the others try to do it better?

Airbnb is toying with the idea of “sharable resources”- services that go beyond offering accommodation but also taking it further into sharing cars, meal-sharing and local tours. A significant part of economic transactions is bound to happen in the shared platforms. People will view their assets more as sharable resources than personal belongings and in which Airbnb will certainly be at the forefront of such a movement. Now the challenge is for other players in the market like Homeaway, VRBO, Outdoorsy & the rest to frame better ideas than Airbnb.

The USP of Vedantu is its unique business model stemming from the idea of having 1-on-1 live student teacher sessions who is considered as one of the major player in the e-learning sector. Unlike BYJUs which is concentrating on selling pre-recorded sessions, Vedantu has implemented the entire social structure involving a student and teacher onto their platform by simply putting it online. This model is seen as a disruptive force for the traditional teaching setup. From Vedantu’ s success the other existing players & the ones that want to enter will have to come up with richer ideas as their business models.

The idea of “Zyloon”- a lifestyle conglomerate of beauty, fashion, fitness, and mindfulness is to offer its consumers a hygienic atmosphere, skilled professionals & no waiting time at reasonable rates. Currently they are building the largest chain of branded saloons in India with a mission to establish 75000 saloons in the next 5 years. When the bar of quality standard is set this high by the founders Gourav Goyal & Ansuman Shah in the Beauty & Saloon Industry the other Founders from the industry are bound to pull up their socks & come up with better ideas to stay afloat.

Every good reason gives the founder an opportunity to search for a superior idea.  Success is built on the ability to do better than just being good enough. A true entrepreneur has the belief that the future can be better than the present and as a founder he has the capability to do so. Founders have the capacity to upgrade their ideas with conviction to do better than the BEST.

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