The power of “No Habits”

Habits are bad especially for an entrepreneur! Before you start calling me names, hear me out. Habits are so powerful that they overwhelm our capacity to make choices & thereby restrict our lives to limiting possibilities.

Exploration through Effectuation-The “X” factor of Entrepreneurship

Travelling through an unfamiliar territory to learn something is EXPLORATION. The mind must inquire, dwell, and discuss in detail to find answers. A person should get out of the comfortable path in order to explore the unknown, uncertain & risky terrains.

GOOD is not enough

What’s the opposite of a good idea? Did I hear the answer as “bad idea?”. Not necessarily! Why can’t the opposite of a good idea be “a great idea”. Why should always the negative side of the spectrum be seen in every case, why not view it in the positive extreme?

Agri-Technology- The next best thing

Guess what would be the population on Earth by 2050? It’s going to be 9 billion! To feed all the hungry stomachs we need to increase the food production by 60% in the available cultivatable land. Simply put with the existing farmland farmers are expected to give higher yields. For attaining the desired yield farmers need to become highly efficient and this is possible only by using relevant technology. Technology should be used for building “Must Have” solutions than “Nice to Have” solutions.

Startups in India pivoting new business models in response to Covid-19
Startups in India pivoting new business models in response to Covid-19

Why Constomers are still considered as KIng? Why its immposible to accept uncertainity for human brains? Is it the best time to pivot your idea?

What impact the Lockdown will make on Startups?

2008 was not really The Black Swan but its impact has been. The CoronaVirus pandemic that started in December 2019 in Wuhan, China is the worst Black Swan humans have ever faced in this century.

Food Security- lets Listen , Not assume

The new vision for the Agriculture Sector framed by The World Economic Forum is Food security, Economic Opportunity & Environmental Sustainability. This can be achieved only with the inclusion of farmer inputs & understanding their real (not perceived) needs & requirements at all levels & spheres.

Which fish is in your net?

An entrepreneur needs to strategize according to how his Start-Up is moving. Is the entrepreneur looking for new opportunities or does the entrepreneur want to improvise on the existing product or service?

Social Entrepreneur- Compassion to Passion

A person who takes up a pressing social problem and meets it with an innovative or path breaking solution is a Social Entrepreneur. The objective for such entrepreneurs to start an enterprise stems from COMPASSION. Profit making becomes a secondary objective as these entrepreneurs are passionate and determined about what they need to do. They have a high level of self-motivation who are visionaries aiming to bring a substantial change.

Customer Interview- Know what is best for your customers

“Customer is the HERO” -so when do you bring in the king into your Start Up. After the product is ready or even before you make the product? When you know what’s best for the customer then you know what is best for your Start Up. So, it’s important that you find out what a customer really needs. The difference between a Start-up and a Corporate is that a StartUp does what the customer says that he needs while the corporates say to the consumers what they need.

Idea Validation – Validating your business Idea

“If you can’t Listen & Learn, you can never be a good entrepreneur” was what Ms Barbara Corcoran said to one of the budding entrepreneur on Shark Tank. Even though the product had all the possibilities for a commercial success & the entrepreneur was an engineer who had developed the product, the primary limitation was- He did not LISTEN. When the sharks had suggestions for his business, he did not lend the “EAR of Understanding”.

What happens when you fail to plan?

The Start-up community has been put in a Crisis mode because of the Covid-19 pandemic. None- the founders, the team, the employees have been mentally prepared in dealing with such a crisis. We sure have been taught & have learnt to deal with business catastrophises, but have we been prepared for this darkness & uncertainty that looms large for the Start Up’s?

Which Start-ups are winning and losing during Covid19 pandemic?

In the manufacturing Start-ups, the hygiene products which are highly essential during Pandemic will create more new opportunities. The products which can grow exponentially not just in the domestic but also in exports like gloves, masks, soaps, sanitizers, tissue rolls, contactless thermometers, antiseptic solutions.