We aim to envision our budding Startup Entrepreneurs create wealth and opportunities for the economy.



Empowering entrepreneurial aspirants and Incubators to overcome economical and societal barriers to have an impact in transforming ideas into sustainable StartUp’s.



Create self- sustainable Start-Ups by working independently and with other Incubators across the country

We mentor Startup Entrepreneurs and aspirants with necessary expertise and tools that are relevant in increasingly competitive markets.
FounderPassion Foundation is a Section 8 Company that nurtures Start-ups from the Idea stage to the Growth stage. Our focus is on Start-ups from Tier 2 & 3 cities that is bound to have a larger impact on the rural economy. Our goal is to bring down the experimentation challenges and incessantly improve the quality of the Start-Up's.VALIDATE YOUR IDEA
We join hands with Start-ups to acquire grants for building ARMY - Agile Reliable Marketable Yield and we do collaborate with several incubators and other ecosystem partners to build a sustainable Start-up ecosystem.

For over a decade our founders have been working with the Entrepreneurship ecosystem in various capacities. Beyond the truly innovative products and services we believe the Rural talent will be able to make an impact through disruptive innovation.
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Entrepreneurship is not a journey for all we still believe that it’s the only way to enable the large scale social and economical development in any country.

Strategic Partnership

Our founders believe in enabling the ecosystem through continuous partnership focusing on long-term goals.

Bring Ideas to life

Our focus is on transforming the Idea and the Entrepreneur through our process and people to build sustainable organisations.

Experts support

We have various support activities designed and delivered by our founders, Mentors, and Entrepreneurial evangelists.

Startup incubation at FounderPassion Foundation

FounderPassion Foundation is a Startup Incubator designed to nurture startup from Idea to Prototype and further business growth by providing affordable workspace, dedicated mentorship, industry expertise, access to grants/Investors with other startup founders in similar stage. We provide access to our premium workshops, Investor pitches, networking opportunities, administrative support, legal guidance, Intellectual protocol registration support, etc. Being part of FounderPassion Foundation Incubator, you could learn from the mistakes of other Start-up founders.

Incubation is for infant ideas which needs to be nurtured with care and commitment. We cut your laugh time and cost by over 50% allowing you to focus on your core business activity. We give you access to our ‘Movers & Shakers’ network who will be your knowledge bank, also including marketing, sales and PR. Thus we help you to increase your survival rate and allow you to grow faster. For the Start-up’s which needs to work out of multiple location we also provide virtual incubation.

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Founder Passion Facility

Our facility is around 12700 Sq. ft. with 24/7 security & Uninterrupted power, ample parking facility, Video Conference, Meeting rooms, Conference facility, Training halls, Support Staff, cafe, & everything necessary to keep the creative thought flowing.

Additionally, we have an agriculture product testing area in a farm in the outskirts of the city.

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  1. Help partnerships between entrepreneurs
  2. Bring diverse groups working for Entrepreneurship development under a single umbrella
  3. Identify growth opportunities for entrepreneurs
  4. Educate them on managing the start-up’s
  5. Assist entrepreneurs to write business plan
  6. Guide for Grant, seed and Angel funding
  7. Identify and assign mentors for the members based on their needs
  8. Community initiated PR support
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Who we Are
We are constantly looking out for Individuals and organisations that will contribute for building a robust Start-up ecosystem in India. Ideas alone will not determine a Start-ups’ success, the people who bring in the expertise are a non- negotiable asset.Let's meet!
What we do
Founder Passion provides that knowledge and wisdom that can determine a successful association with a common vision. We work with the Start-up's to build their ideas into businesses.Got an Idea, Let's talk?
ajay kumar testimonial

#FPbootcamp made us understand our dream product was of no interest of customers. Customer interviews made us think about a completely new product for which we are currently got incubated with FP.

- Ajay Kumar

CEO, Invin Motors

FounderPassion is doing a tremendous service to the startup community. Having involved with them for the last few years, I can see how much they're helping students & aspiring entrepreneurs from rural side which most incubators don't cover. Anyone looking for an incubator, I'd recommend FPF.

- Venu Prakash

Founder & CEO, Code Honchos

One of FPF’s Boot camps, they made us understand the worth of our product and currently they are helping to complete and expose our product to the market. FPF is motivating us to attain our goal. As well as they are offering good mentorship. #FPF #MENTORSHIP #INCUBATED

- Dharanisri

MD, Pristine Air Solutions