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FounderPassion Foundation is a Section 8 Company that nurtures disruptive or cost efficient innovative Start-ups from the Idea stage to the Growth stage.

If you pursue ideas without a systematic approach you might spend years on building your prototype and still it can fail. Bootcamp helps you identify the success and failure parameters of your idea to become a real business in just about 2-3 days


Hackathons allow participants to be agile, decisive, efficient in time & innovation, creates collaborative work culture, great learning experience, but still deliver a prototype by the end of the hackathon (Between 36-48 hours Non Stop).


Incubation allows you to get help early, avoid common product development mistakes and removes false sense of security. Incubation is for infant ideas which needs to be nurtured with care and commitment.

We practice the art of getting started.


we help you brainstorm and prioritize users’ most compelling problems and isolate assumptions.


Convert your idea into actionable metrics that can demonstrate cause and effect question.

Rapid prototyping

Build an ARMY- Agile Reliable Marketable Yield.

Customer validation

Fail Fast, Learn Fast and Build Fast until your customers are willing to pay.

Do you have ideas that can change the world?


Idea Validation

Where we help a number of startups from inception


Rapid prototyping

Where we hand hold startups from a very early stage

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